We’re super excited to announce that QuikNode is an official hacker-level sponsor of the largest Ethereum hackathon in the United States of America — ETHDenver!

Every registered participant will receive a complimentary QuikNode, which means 600–700 QuikNodes may be launched this weekend (ask an ETHDenver Steward if you haven’t received your invite)!

It’s exciting for us to have the opportunity to get QuikNode in the hands of developers, and ETHDenver couldn’t have been a better fit (thanks John & Coury)!

Things developers should know:

QuikNode is running Parity (Geth support is in evaluation).

There are no hard limits on throughput.

Both HTTPS and WebSockets are supported.

QuikNode has full support for all of the RPC methods besides wallet functions (for obvious reasons).

Collaborate with your fellow hackers: launch Nodes on different chains(MainNet, Kovan, Ropsten, etc…) — you never know which you’ll need!

Examples of QuikNode in production: QWallet.io, EthAddressLookup, Custom RPC in MetaMask, CryptoJingles, PrimaBlock, more

Need support? Tweet us @QuikNode or join our Slack!

Looking for stickers? Fill this form out and we’ll ship ’em over ASAP!

Want to see QuikNode in action + see what you can #BUIDL with QuikNode? Check this out!

Good luck to all the participants in ETHDenver … we can’t wait to see what you brillant minds build!